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Thank you for choosing the NRGkick in combination with the Mobiflow platform! This manual helps you configure your NRGkick Smart Cable. The configuration should be done before registering the cable on the Mobiflow platform. Please go through the steps below.

If you should experience any problems with the installation of your NRGkick Smart Cable, please contact us
at +32 9 296 45 45 or and we will be happy to help you. Be sure to check out our instructional videos that are an additional help.

NRGkick instructional videos

NRG kick fleetpack

What’s included in the NRGkick carrying case?

You received the NRGkick Smart Cable with a Mobiflow charging card included in the bag. The bag contains:

  • NRGkick Smart Cable
  • Schuko plug for a standard socket (max. 3 kW)
  • Red industrial plug (max. 22 kW depending on the power of your home electricity network)
  • Manual
  • Mobiflow charging card (in some cases, you will receive the charging card directly from your employer)

Step 1: Activate the cable

Plug the cable into a 220V standard socket with the schuko adapter.
A sound signal indicates the cable is starting up.

schuko stekker png

Step 2: Download the NRGkick app

  • Download the NRGkick app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

App store    Google play store

  • Make sure Bluetooth is activated and you are close to the NRGkick cable.
  • Open the app and enter the access code. This code is located on the back of the device.

acces code


Step 3: Connect the NRGkick cable to Mobiflow

  • Open the NRGkick app and go to the ‘Extended’ tab.

NRGkick app

  • Select ‘Charging Network’

Please note: To be able to select ‘Charging Network’ you need to create an NRGkick Cloud account first and link it with the cable. After creating your NRGkick Cloud account you can open the ‘Charging Network’ tab.

Create your NRGkick Cloud account


Step 4: Set up the charging network

  • Select ‘Predefined’ and ‘Mobiflow’ as provider.
  • Scan the QR code on your Mobiflow charging card and click the QR code icon. A code will be entered automatically in the ‘User Tag Identifier’ field.

charging card

  • Turn on ‘Configuration active’ by sliding the toggle button to the right.
  • Click ‘Save’ to activate the configuration.

app setup



Step 5: Check the connection

In the Extended tab, you should see ‘Charging Network Connected’ with a blue check mark after a few minutes.

App set up



Useful tips when using the NRGkick Smart Cable:

1. When you end a charging session, it is very important to first disconnect the cable at the vehicle side and then wait at least 1 minute before disconnecting the plug from the socket. That way, you ensure that all data is correctly sent to the Mobiflow platform. Otherwise transactions may show irregularities or may not be registered.

2. When you unplug your cable, it will appear as ‘Disconnected’ on the Mobiflow platform. That’s because your cable needs power to connect to our platform. After you plug it back in, it may take a few minutes for the cable to reappear on the platform, which is perfectly normal.


Activation of split billing

Now that your NRGkick Smart Cable has the right settings, you can activate your account on the Mobiflow platform with the split billing functionality.

You will receive an email invitation from to activate the split billing option. In this email there is a code and a link to activate the feature. The link will take you directly to the right place, but if you are already signed in to the Mobiflow platform, you can also enter the split billing code on the platform under the split billing tab in the device settings.

Important note: in order to activate your split billing account, you will be asked to enter the serial number/Charge Box ID of your charging station. This number can be found on the back of the hardware and starts with the letter T. 

The email will look like this:

email setup


If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy charging!

+32 9 296 45 45