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Before installing our software, it might be useful to know exactly what we offer. On this page, you will find our commercial offer in a nutshell. Inform your customer about our offer as soon as you start the installation.

Chariging station

Charge Point Operator (CPO)

Manage your charging point with our Mobiflow platform

Add smart services to your charging point by connecting it to our Mobiflow online management platform. Get an overview of your charging sessions, manage charging points remotely and in real time, make charging points available for public charging, activate split billing and reimburse home charging sessions. Mobiflow values freedom of choice. Our platform gives you the freedom to choose your own charging station brand.

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Discover our four licences in a nutshell with their key functionalities.

Private AC

A basic licence to secure your charging station

  • Connecting your AC charging station to the management platform.
  • Cloudbased access to the central Mobiflow online management platform.
  • Overview of all charging sessions and reporting (via Excel or CSV).
  • Charging card control to protect your charging station from unauthorised use. Only charging cards defined by you can make use of your charger(s).
  • Firmware upgrades: automatic new software updates for your charging point.
€ 3.75/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Professional AC

Charge your (PH)EV at home

All Private AC functions

  • Split billing: automatic reimbursement of home charging sessions of a company car.
  • À la carte setting of the desired split-billing fee rate (in compliance with the tax rules in force).
€ 7/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Public AC

Connect your charger to the EV world

All ‘Professional AC’ functions

  • Publication of your charging station as a public charging station with various charging applications
  • Automatic reimbursement of charging sessions by guest users (roaming).
  • À la carte setting of the reimbursement rate (starting amount, kWh price, a time-limited rate or a combination of these).
€ 9.5/month per charging point, excl. VAT

Private DC

Connect your fast charger to the EV world

All Public AC functions but specifically for DC fast chargers.

€ 12.5/month per charging point, excl. VAT
Mobiflow laadpas & app

Mobility Service Provider (MSP)

Charging with our Mobiflow charging card and app

Our Mobiflow charging card gives you acces to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe with more than 375,000 public charging points. Enjoy carefree access to public charging points throughout Europe, thanks to the Mobiflow charging card and app.

• Our app is free, enjoy it!
• Your first charging card? For free!
• No activation cost or subscription fee.

The charging card is completely separate from a charging licence.