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  • Installation support

    SOS: I need to install Mobiflow software. How do I get started? Even after an installer’s course, you can sometimes lose your bearings. Read all the steps from A to Z to make the software installation go smoothly and safely.

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  • Hardware manuals

    Do you have specific questions about a hardware brand? No problem. Our software is compatible with most hardware brands on the market. Consult our library of manuals on hardware and read through all the steps.

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  • Commercial offer

    What’s in it for you! Before you install our software, it is important to know what we offer. Discover our commercial offer.

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  • Training courses

    Do you want to register for an installer training? You are at the right place! The dates are set, all you have to do is register through the appropriate link. Good luck!

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  • Charging Services Order Form

    Do you want to set up your charging station and start charging as soon as possible? Well, you can! Once we have set up your Mobiflow account, you can get started immediately! To set up your account, we first need to collect some information from you through our online Charging Services Order Form. Afterwards, we will activate your account and charging station as soon as possible, and contact you as soon as this is done.

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  • Charging Services Planning Form

    Through our online Charging Services Planning Form, you provide us the necessary information to ensure that your customer can start charging as soon as possible after the installation of the charging station. To help us successfully plan for this installation and guarantee a smooth follow-up, we ask you to fill in the form as accurately and completely as possible. That way, we can offer the best service to new customers who will be using our platform.

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  • Mobiflow vs. installer: who does what?

    For both the installer and the end customer, it should be clear who is responsible for what aspect in the operational process of a charging station installation and configuration. Find out who does what on a software and hardware technical level and to whom the end customer should turn for questions or problems regarding these responsibilities.

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  • FAQ

    Our extensive FAQ section provides you with answers to questions about everything from split billing queries, to invoicing and charging issues. Dive deep and learn more!

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We already collaborate with them

To build a strong EV business, it is critical to be connected to a wide range of partners. Mobiflow is building partnerships with leading hardware partners and distributors to make that possible. Carefree on the road with our partners.

Hardware partners

  • ABB

  • Alfen

  • Blitz Power

  • Ecotap

  • Easee

  • Etrel

  • Häger

  • Mennekes

  • Schneider Electric

  • Smappee

  • Wallbox

  • And more…


  • Cebeo

  • Project zero