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Our charging card

With our Mobiflow charging card in your pocket, you have access to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe with more than 450,000 public charging points. In Belgium, our Mobiflow charging card allows you to charge at no less than 95% of the more than 40,000 public charging points. Don’t wait any longer and order your charging card. Happy charging!

Mobiflow app

Our app

Our app gives you an overview of all available charging points and your charging activities, it gives you the possibility to download an overview of the transactions on your account, allows you to administer your credit quickly and easily, lets you manage the users within your account, etc. Download our app now!

Charging roaming


To build a strong EV business, it is critical to be connected to a wide range of partners. Mobiflow is building partnerships with a leading European network to make that possible. However, a roaming network is never truly complete. New players and changing relationships mean that our roaming network is constantly evolving. Thanks to roaming, you have access to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe with more than 450,000 public charging points.

Mobiflow charging card

General questions

Can I add multiple charging cards to the same user?

You can, but keep in mind that you will need to begin and end your charging session with the same card. To request an extra charge card, email us at info@mobiflow.be. Note that you will need to pay an additional one-off charge of €10 (incl. VAT).

Can I charge abroad with my Mobiflow charging card?

With the Mobiflow charge card, you get access to more than 450,000 charging points in Europe. You can locate them easily via the Mobiflow app, where you can sort by charging point type, availability, etc. A full map of connected public charging points can be found here.

Can I charge with my Mobiflow charging card at fast chargers?

Yes, you can use your Mobiflow charging card for both AC chargers and fast DC chargers. In the Mobiflow app, you will find all available charging points and you can also filter by charge speed, for example, to show only the fast charging points in your neighbourhood.

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Mobiflow app

General questions

Can I add credit via the app?

Yes, you can do this via Dashboard > Add credit.



Can I also track my home charging sessions in the app?

Yes, you can. All consumption with your charge card both at home, in the office and on the road will be visible in the Mobiflow app’s activity summary. (With the exception of some free charging sessions.) Go to Activity > History.


Do I always have to install the Mobiflow app if I want to use my Mobiflow charging card?

You do not have to install the Mobiflow app, although it is the best source of information for locating charging points, finding out the price of a charging session in advance, and monitoring your consumption.

How can I filter in the app, e.g. by charging speed?

Once you select Charging in the Mobiflow app, you will see filters at the top of the map. By clicking on them, you can select and set a filter. You can also swipe the filters themselves from left to right to see several of them.


How can I find the available charging points in my Mobiflow app?

The Mobiflow app allows you to purchase various mobility services. Charging your electric car is one of them. Via the Book & Buy menu at the bottom, you will see all available services. If you select Charging, all nearby charging points will appear on the map (if you give the app access to your location).

How do I create a Mobiflow account in the app?

Your e-mail address and phone number are sufficient to create an account. As your security is our priority, we ask you to set a password to protect access to your account.

After agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, you can set up your account profile by providing your phone number, first name and surname and setting your preferred language.

You can start using our services as soon as you add credit to your account.

Note: We currently work with Twikey, a platform that creates and manages online payment orders for your Mobiflow payment needs. Your payment must be approved by your bank before you can use our services. This can take up to 2 business days.

How do I sign in in the app?

To sign in to Mobiflow, first open the app and type in your e-mail address. You will then get an e-mail with a verification code to enter in the boxes provided for that purpose. You will now see an overview of the various services on your user account. Now you can get started.

How to start and stop a charging session via the app?

At many charging points, you can start a charging session from the Mobiflow app, but not all of them yet.
You can see whether it is possible in the Mobiflow app.
– Open the Mobiflow app
– Select “Charging”
– Choose your charging point on the map or from the list and select the desired connection
If charging with the app is possible:
– Click “Start charging” to start the session
– Click “Start charging” a second time to confirm
– After charging, click “End session” to end the session
If charging with the app is not possible, the button with “Start charging with your charging card” will be greyed out.


I start my charging session with my charging card, can I stop my session with the app and vice versa?

It is best to start and end a charging session in the same way.

Is the Mobiflow app free?

Yes, you can download the Mobiflow app free of charge.

Is there a Mobiflow app?

Yes. You can find the Mobiflow app in the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) and in the iOS App Store (for Apple smartphones). With the Mobiflow app, you can easily find charging points in your area, start a charging session (depending on the type of charging point) and monitor your consumption. The app cannot be used to manage your own charging station.

In addition to charging your electric car, and depending on your type of licence, you can also use the mobiflow app to purchase other transport services such as bus or train tickets, use a shared bicycle, pay for a parking session, etc.

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