11 June 2024

Home charging points in Belgium: mandatory registration as from 2024

Home charging has become a popular and cost-effective choice for many electric vehicle owners. But, there are some new requirements that come with having a home charging point. We would like to inform you about the new mandatory registration of home charging points as from 1 January 2024.

Why is the registration of your home charge point important?

With the increasing demand for electricity in Belgium, more switch-off plans have come into effect. By registering your charging point, you help grid operators better understand the electricity grid. This enables them to make timely adjustments and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

What do you need to know?

Although this reporting obligation already existed in Flanders and Wallonia, there will be no tolerance as from 2024.

Concrete measures

In the Flemish Region, individuals must register their home charging point with a charging capacity of 5 kVA or more, connected to the low-voltage grid, with grid operator Fluvius.

In the Walloon Region, all grid users with a charging point must notify the grid operator. Grid operators in Wallonia include ORES, which covers 75% of the area, and RESA, the grid operator in the province of Liège. Other grid operators in the Walloon region include AIEG, AIESH and REW.

In the Brussels-Capital Region, individuals will have to register their charging station with grid operator Sibelga as from 1 January 2024.

What if you do not register your home charging station?

Private individuals who do not comply with this notification obligation risk an administrative fine of 250 euros. It is therefore strongly recommended to register your charging point in good time.

How do I register my home charging point?

Check your grid operator’s website for the necessary steps. This way you will continue to enjoy your home charging experience without any problems!

By post: REW – Rue Provinciale 265 – 1301 Bierges.
By e-mail:

  • AIESH uses a declaration form to be sent by e-mail. You can find this declaration form here.
    By e-mail:

Any questions?

Specific questions should be addressed directly to your grid operator. This is the quickest way to get the right information.