11 June 2024

Mobiflow as guest speaker at Project Zero and Cebeo Roadshows

Mobiflow was recently invited as a guest speaker at the annual Project Zero and Cebeo Roadshows, which took place at several unique locations across the country. This invitation underlines our dedication and expertise in the world of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Project Zero and Cebeo

Project Zero and Cebeo are leading wholesalers committed to promoting sustainable mobility. They work closely with various partners to provide high-quality charging infrastructures. One of their key collaborations is with Mobiflow, a Charge Point Operator (CPO) that specialises in managing charging points and providing comprehensive back-office solutions.

Challenges for installers

For installers of charging stations, or installers looking to expand their business from installing solar panels to also include charging stations, providing charging stations and associated equipment can seem like a complicated process. How do you start? How do you make sure the end customer is satisfied? These questions took centre stage at the Roadshows, where experts from the industry, including hardware brands of charging stations (such as Wallbox, Smappee, Easee, etc.) shared their knowledge and experience.

The importance of a back-office system

During our presentations, we at Mobiflow emphasised the importance of a robust back-office system. It is crucial for installers to inform their end customers about its benefits. A good back-office system makes charging stations publicly accessible and managed by a CPO like Mobiflow.

A CPO manages all charging stations registered on its platform through a contract with the owner or operator of those charging points. This contract is paid but essential for fault diagnosis and preventive maintenance. Moreover, it relieves the charging infrastructure owner of all administration surrounding the calculation and invoicing of charging sessions.

Our contribution as guest speaker

As a guest speaker during the roadshows, we shared our insight on how a CPO like Mobiflow can support installers. We discussed how our systems and services help to efficiently manage charging infrastructure and improve customer satisfaction.

The Roadshows were a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience and get customers started in the complex world of charging infrastructure. We are proud of our collaboration with Project Zero and Cebeo and look forward to future events where we can continue to share our expertise.