11 June 2024

Our Journey with Mobiflow: Enhancing EV infrastructure for ACVBIE and Vayamundo

At ACVBIE (Christelijke vakbond) and our Vayamundo holiday homes, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and sustainability. Since the beginning of this year, we have embarked on an exciting journey with Mobiflow, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our collaboration with Mobiflow was initiated through a recommendation from our charging station installer, ESA Technics, and it has proven to be a game-changer for our operations.

Addressing key needs: Home charging and split billing

Our initial requirement was to find a solution that would facilitate home charging and split billing, thereby reducing the additional workload on our facility and personnel departments. Mobiflow’s solutions have seamlessly integrated into our system, ensuring that these departments are not overburdened. The convenience and efficiency provided by Mobiflow have been crucial in managing our operations smoothly.

Meeting the demand: Public charging points at Vayamundo

The demand for charging points at our Vayamundo holiday homes has seen a significant increase. Recognizing this need, we decided to install public charging points to cater to both our guests and external users. This strategic move not only enhances the experience of our guests who drive electric vehicles but also attracts more eco-conscious visitors. The decision to provide public charging points has been met with positive feedback, and we have seen a steady increase in their usage.

Embracing the EV revolution: Our greening fleet

Since the start of 2024, our employees have had the option to choose electric vehicles (EVs). We are proud to report that one in three employees now opts for an EV. This shift is part of our broader initiative to green our fleet, which currently consists of 116 vehicles. With an annual renewal of approximately 15 vehicles, we are committed to progressively transitioning to a more sustainable fleet.

Smooth implementation and reliable support

The implementation and follow-up processes with Mobiflow have been smooth and efficient. Their solutions have quickly proven to be reliable and effective. Despite the short time frame, we are already experiencing the benefits of our partnership with Mobiflow. Their professional approach and robust support have ensured that our transition to enhanced EV infrastructure has been seamless.

Looking ahead

As we continue to navigate the path towards sustainability, our collaboration with Mobiflow stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. We are excited about the future and the continued positive impact of Mobiflow’s solutions on our operations.

In conclusion, partnering with Mobiflow has allowed us to enhance our EV infrastructure, streamline our operations, and make significant strides towards a greener future. We look forward to further strengthening this partnership and continuing our journey towards sustainability.