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Install our software smoothly

As a preliminary step, our support team or our wholesale partner will provide you with an envelope containing the following items:

  • SIM card (only if you want a connection via SIM card, other possibilities are a network cable or wifi
  • Charging card
  • One-pager containing the steps described below, a link to this landing page and some important contact information
Mobiflow quick start guide

Our Mobiflow Quick Start Guide

Download here our Mobiflow quick start guide. Follow the steps from A to Z described in the Quick start guide for a smooth and safe installation. The steps are also described below on this page (Step 1-3).

Step 1 – Actions before installation

Keep the SIM card and charging card for installation at the customer’s premises and carefully go through the onepager manual with the various steps described. Then navigate to this landing page to perform the following actions:

  • Apply for access to the QA platform. After your request, you will receive your login details by email. Request your QA login in good time before the installation, as this may take 2-3 working days. Access to this platform is necessary to proceed with the installation. If you do not have it, you will NOT be able to proceed with the installation and will be blocked.
  • Fill in the CSPF*. Make sure you already have the hardware, as only then you can give an indication of the installation date on the CSPF. Upon receipt of the completed CSPF, we will know the installation date and can set up your customer’s account after installation (step 3). Please complete this form as soon as possible to ensure a smooth service.
  • Register for an installer training course organised by Mobiflow. This may help to make everything even clearer.

* Thanks to the CSPF (Charging Services Planning Form) we know the installation date and we can send your customer a CSOF (Charging Services Order Form) in order to set up the Mobiflow account for this customer. The latter includes setting up the account, the registration of the charging station and possibly the activation of split billing.

Step 2 – Actions during installation

Now you have the hardware and software (SIM card, charging card, QA platform login details) you are ready to go to your customer for installation and follow the steps below:

  • Insert the SIM card into the charging station or connect via LAN cable or Wi-Fi
  • Set the OCPP parameters (hardware manuals)
  • Use the correct OCPP url (OCPP set-up Mobiflow)
  • Log in to the QA platform and follow the necessary steps described in this manual
  • Activate the SIM card
  • Click ‘Confirm’ to make the charging station visible online
  • Give the charging card to the customer
  • Finish the installation

Step 3 – Actions after installation

Your work as an installer is done. The only thing the customer needs to do now, is fill in the CSOF using the data of the charging station and charging card. After that, our support team links the charging card to the corresponding customer contracts and adds the charging station to the platform. Our team informs the customer that their account has been created.

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