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  • Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw and Mobiflow: the magic of collaboration

    The helping hands of Ons Tehuis Brabant vzw are still going strong. The magic they work with our charging cards and charging card leaflets is a success.

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  • Mobiflow and sustainable mobility

    A look at innovative solutions during the Mobility Week

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  • The future of European fast charging stations

    The AFIR (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation) has been amended and this is great news for the electric drivers of today, and those of the future.

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  • NRGkick Smart Cable

    The NRGkick charging solution is actually a convenient mobile charging station.

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  • Mobiflow 24h support service

    Our Mobiflow support service makes you step into the latest mobility (r)evolution even easier. Roadside assistance and hassle free EV driving combined thanks to Touring.

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  • Become a Mobiflow Certified Installer

    Would you also like to be one step ahead of your competitors? Be prepared for the ever-increasing demand for smart charging stations and grow your business exponentially.

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